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San Diego DUI Lawyer Darren Kavinoky is an aggressive and experienced Drunk Driving Defense attorney who has achieved more not guilty, hung jury, and case dismissal DUI verdicts than any other lawyer in the region. This San Diego DUI Attorney is frequently retained to lecture and consult across the country on the topic of DUI Defense, and has built a successful law practice from his excellent reputation as a top DUI defender.

California DUI Lawyers are often retained by judges, other attorneys, and members of law enforcement who have been arrested and charged with drunk driving. Many of the police officers who hire him have testified against his previous DUI clients in Jury Trials that resulted in acquittals.

your best defense is the right dui attorney

Hiring the right DUI attorney to defend your case can be even more important than the strength and amount of evidence against you. Darren Kavinoky has been dedicated primarily to DWI defense for over thirteen years, focussing on criminal cases such as DUI (Driving under the Influence), Vehicular Manslaughter, Vehicular Homicide, Felony DUI charges, Minor (under age 21) Zero Tolerance offenses, DUID (Driving Under the Influence of Drugs), and related cases in San Diego County and surrounding California regions.

Your arrest has actually triggered two cases, one in Superior Court, and an administrative case with the DMV to suspend your driver's license - view our past Jury Trial results and DMV Hearing outcomes to see how we fight both very seriously, handling them independently for one flat fee.

Hiring an attorney who is known as a skilled and tenacious fighter by the local prosecutors can make a strong difference in your case, there are times when charges are never filed or later dropped entirely.

dui only defense vs. general criminal law

1. If you're speaking to a general criminal attorney who tells you they have handled DUI cases successfully, ask them how many times in the past year they have actually taken a DWI case to Jury Trial and achieved a "not guilty" or "hung jury" verdict? Or even in the past five years? Ask them what the average burn off rate of alcohol per hour should be for a male or female based on weight? Ask them when a person reaches their peak absorption level? Ask them what they know about the partition ratio? How about the Widmark Hypothesis? How about a rising BrAC? If they can't fluently answer these questions, save your money, you won't stand a chance.

2. Is the general criminal lawyer a member of the authoritative National College of DUI Defense. Do they qualify for membership in this elite organization of DUI experts? Membership with this organization indicates that your attorney is committed to drunk driving laws and is active in the specialized DUI defense community. In 2003, the American Bar Association established DUI Defense as a specialty area of law, and the NCDD is the only organization in the nation accredited to certify lawyers in DUI related defense. The members of NCDD represent the most experienced and qualified DUI Lawyers in the nation.

3. Look for an Attorney who is a Certified Operator AND Maintenance Technician of the Intoxilyzer brand of Alcohol Breath testing machines. Darren Kavinoky is certified in the Intoxilyzer 8000, the most current breath testing equipment in use by the California Highway Patrol.

4. Look for an Attorney who is certified as both Administrator and INSTRUCTOR in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing by NHTSA, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that sets the guidelines and procedures for San Diego Police Officers. It is likely that the prosecution and arresting officer in your case are trained as administrators in SFST's, you'll need an attorney who is at least as knowledgeable, but preferably qualified to teach these guidelines to the actual officers and prosecutors.

5. Confirm your Lawyer is a member of the California DUI Lawyers Association. Membership with this organization indicates that your attorney is commited to DUI and qualified to defend you if your case proceeds to trial.

6. Look for an Attorney who is a member of the California State Bar, the Trial Practice Inn of Court, and serves on the Resolution Committee of the Conference of Delegates for the California Bar.

7. Ask yourself if you would rather have a lawyer who is more qualified than the arresting officer and prosecutor regarding your BAC tests, related equipment, field sobriety tests, alcohol physiology and pharmacokinetics, or an attorney who is going to immediately try to plea your case down? If he or she suggests they are going to get you probation in lieu of jail, reduce your fines, etc., prior to examining the police report and evidence pertaining to your case, there's a good chance they've already decided to lose, and likely don't understand DUI enough to take a case to trial, nor want to. Find out! It is essential that your attorney have a reputation for going the distance, not planning your punishment by pre-convicting you. You don't need a lawyer to help you plead guilty, it's free.

8. Would you hire a general physician to perform heart or brain surgery? How proficient and specialized can you expect a general criminal attorney will be in DUI? Given its scientific and technical complexities? An attorney who spreads attention across a broad spectrum of crimes and areas of practice cannot possibly stay current and skilled enough to challenge the growing enforcement of DUI laws in today's high-tech courtrooms. A recent publication released by the American Prosecutors Research Institute names impaired driving as among the most challenging and complex cases on the docket, adding "... few other cases present a more complex and wordy statute, a greater likelihood of technical, scientific evidence, or the very real likelihood of expert defense testimony".

9. Darren Kavinoky is not a former prosecutor nor police officer. He has never held the job of throwing people in jail. We are, and always have been, staunch advocates of freedom and civil rights. He works diligently to keep his clients out of jail, and when a sentence is unavoidable, valiantly works for a rehabilitative alternative to spare his defendants from incarceration. We view imprisonment as barbaric and unnecessary punishment for DUI related offenses.

If you think you'll benefit from an attorney who is DUI dedicated and loves to win, please send us an eMail or complete a simple online case evaluation. San Diego DUI Attorney Darren Kavinoky and The Kavinoky Law Firm will give your case the personal attention it requires and be there for you every step of the way. Your problem is our problem and we will handle your case as we would want our own case handled. You may reach us 7 days a week, 24 hours a day at (619) 231-7412. After hours and weekend appointments are available. We offer a free consultation, and there is never a fee to speak with us about any matter.


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